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Croydon’s story on YouTube

Loyle Carner is a rising star from Croydon who also attended the BRIT School. He is rapidly becoming one of the hottest names in the music industry and here he chats to the legendary poet, Benjamin Zephania.

Who but Croydon’s STORMZY could have taken the very first GRIME award at the MOBOs?

Take That chose to film their video for ‘Up All Night’ in Croydon – another great example of the town’s community spirit being showcased at its best.

Bach to Baby – the London Mozart Players stage the first ever orchestral live performance geared specifically at toddlers…

DUBSTEP was first created in a smalll record shop in Croydon – it went on to conquer the world. ARTWORK tells it like it was before MP3s

Skeam and Benga spearheaded the DUBSTEP revolution – not bad for a Saturday job in a rocord shop in Surrey Street Market.

When Croydon’s top-rated classical musicians from the London Mozart Players met internationaly acclaimed producer Shift K3y at Boxpark – here’s what happened

The world doesn’t get any more hip than an Afrobox night at Croydon’s famous Boxpark complex…

Before there was BOXPARK there was TURF – this is the land where the iconic food and drink complex later sprang up – whilst TURF now have a four-storey arts complex in the town’s main shopping centre.

The Beautiful South’s Paul Heaton grew up just south of Croydon and went to his first gigs at the Greyhound and Fairfield Halls. So it’s not surprising that’s where he returned with band mate Jaqui Abbott when they recorded the video for ‘Austerity of Love’.

Croydon may not always look like Istanbul – but in the latest blockbuster spy movie, American Assasin, St George’s Walk became a stunt double for a market bazarr.

Croydon’s Ambition Festival was nominated in the UK Festival Awards for Best New Festival and Best Urban Festival. Featuring Soul II Soul, Lee Scratch Perry and Tinariwen it was a melting pot of styles and cultures.

Like every great festival, Ambition had its fringe events – these were centred around this amazing South Croydon church.

Art – explained and discussed on the streets of Croydon…

Criminal (starring Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones) – watch the film and spot the big location blooper

Rich Simmons creating one of his iconic word search street art pieces

Zing put the swing into Purley Festival

With 24 million views clocked up so far this video made by Mika in Surrey Street for Big Girls really put Croydon on the music map.

The Blundabus was conceived and built in Croydon. since then driver and host Bob Slayer has taken it to the Edinburgh Fringe, Norway, and many, many more places where it has spread mirth and merriment to tens of thousands.

Another Surrey Street video, this one shot in a single take, won local rapper Nadia Rose a MOBO award. Another 5 million views for Croydon’s favourite market.

Nadia Rose acceptance speech at the MOBO award ceremony

The list of world famous names who have emerged from the BRIT School is endless. Let’s just say it’s in Croydon and leave it there.

Yest another amazing feature of BoxPark Croydon is Fight Klub – where clubland meets health and fitness head on…

New Rose by Croydon’s The Damned was the first ever punk single released commercially anywhere in the world. Punk was born in Croydon!

This rather colourful character, Nicholas Treadwell, started his career as an art dealer in Croydon almost exactly where today’s RISE Gallerey stands. The progenitor of the Superhumansim arts movement, he has taken modern art to new places.

This hyperlapse gives a taster of the ‘Croydon arts quarter’, established by Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison of the Rise gallery. The art quarter is home to over 100 murals which are spread over St Georges walk, Park Street and Katharine Street.

The Little Devils – just one of the amazing bands to have graced Matthew’s Yard on their legendary Bourbon & Blues nights.

Yet another music video shot on location in town…CHIP – ‘FEELING MYSELF’ FEAT. KANO & WRETCH 32

BBC Breakfast on Croydon’s burgeoning street art scene

Modecai filmed ‘Method in Your Madness’ in the Braithwaite Hall inside Croydon’s iconic Clocktower complex.

Back in 2015 a group of female street artists – Femme Fierce – started to bring colour to Croydon’s walls. Today the town centre is a mecca for the world’s best painters.

How Mr Cenz rolls… street art brough to life

Argentinian artist Fio – one of the top painters to have created masterpieces in Croydon

Aspara Arts always lead the way in community dance

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